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86th Session Of The Texas Legislature (2019)

Bill / AmendmentLevelPE StanceCategoryHouse Vote RecordedSenate Vote RecordedNotes
HB3MajorForEducation finance04/03/19Increases per student allotment
HB18MinorForStudent mental health04/16/19Consideration for the mental health of students
HB102MinorForTeacher growth04/09/19Provides mentor teachers for new teachers
HB953MinorForTeacher retirement system04/17/19Requires open-enrollment charter schools to contribute to the Teacher Retirement System, helping to stabilize the system
SB2 FA3MinorForSchool taxes04/15/19Remove public school districts from the 2.5% revenue cap
SB3MinorForTeacher pay03/04/19Provides $5,000 pay increase for teachers & librarians
SB12MinorForTeacher retirement04/25/1903/25/19Increases state contribution to TRS and authorizes 1 time 13th check to retirees
SB29MinorAgainstSchool district support04/17/19Districts would not be able to contract for services with any group that also lobbies for or against legislation
SB1455MajorAgainstVouchers04/23/19Creates virtual network vouchers that could be leveraged to divert public education funds to private entities

85th Session Of The Texas Legislature (2017)

Bill / AmendmentLevelPE StanceCategoryHouse Vote RecordedSenate Vote Recorded
HB21MajorForEducation finance04/20/17
HB21 Motion, SimmonsMajorAgainstPro Voucher05/24/17
HB21 Motion, ZerwasMajorForAnti Voucher05/24/17
HB21 Special SessionMajorForEducation finance08/07/17
HB816MinorForEducator quality05/11/17
HB972MinorForEducator quality05/06/17
HB3976MinorForTeacher retirement05/24/1705/21/17
SB1MajorForEducation finance05/27/1705/27/17
SB1 Amendment 8MajorForAnti Voucher04/06/17
SB1 Amendment 9MajorForAnti Voucher04/06/17
SB1 Amendment 10MajorAgainstPro Voucher04/06/17
SB3MajorAgainstPro Voucher03/30/17
SB16 Amendment 20MinorAgainstPayroll08/14/17
SB19 Amendment 3MinorForTeacher retirement07/25/17
SB179MinorForSchool safety05/27/1705/27/17
SB1278MinorAgainstEducator quality05/06/17